From Left: Cassandra Simpson, VP Business Affairs, Steven Acevedo, President & CEO, Andrea Marr, Vice President Energy Services & Jeff Noble, Account Executive.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA–( May 5, 2016) – The Association for Corporate Growth Orange County chapter (“ACG-OC”) nominated Regatta Solutions as a finalist in consideration for the Green/Sustainability award.  This celebration highlighted Orange County’s best performing companies’ organizations at the 22st Annual Awards Gala held at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach on May 4th, 2017.

The Categories for the awards include:

  • Growth Award
  • Reinventing Award
  • Spotlight Award
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Green/Sustainability Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Founders Award
  • Startup Award

About ACG Orange County Founded in 1954, the Association for Corporate Growth is a global organization with 56 chapters involved in corporate growth, corporate development, and mergers and acquisitions. ACG’s 14,000 members include professionals from private equity firms, corporations and lenders that invest in middle-market companies, as well as from law, accounting, investment banking and other firms that provide advisory services.

April 28, 2016 01:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time

pic-Logan-AllenSAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regatta Solutions, an energy solutions provider, welcomes Logan Allen as its Oil & Gas Practice Principal.

As the Oil & Gas Practice Principal for Regatta Solutions, Logan will be responsible for business development of energy solutions for producers and refiners with a focus on California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada.

Prior to joining Regatta, Logan was Vice President at Allen Co, a California oil producer, well servicer, and well abandonment company. “With a background in California oil production, Logan understands the need for oil and gas producers to operate efficiently by reducing Lease Operating Expenses and enabling producers to become more self reliant for their energy needs,” said Steven Acevedo, President and CEO of Regatta Solutions. “His experience with urban oil production and distributed generation adds to the value Regatta delivers to oil and gas clientele.”

Logan Allen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and a Master’s of Taxation from Georgia State University. He founded and remains active in the leadership of The Young Professionals at The Petroleum Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing tomorrow’s leaders in the Southern California oil and gas industry. He frequently speaks on behalf of the industry in front of California legislators, regulators, and the public.

About Regatta Solutions

Regatta Solutions works with clients in the Western United States to lower their industrial power bills and leverage onsite generation technologies like microturbines. Its solutions drive positive bottom line and sustainable results for facilities including: Food and Beverage, Hotels, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Landfills, Waste Water Treatment, Recreational Parks and Pools, Oil and Gas, Data Centers, Educational, and Marine applications. For more information about Regatta, visit its websites at, on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.

Mark Gilbreth, Chief Technology Officer of Regatta Solutions, will be presenting on Microturbine CHP Applications at the upcoming ACEE Lunch Meeting held at the Courtyard by Marriott – Sherman Oaks, Friday, October 17, 2014 from 11:45AM to 1:15PM.

Customers operating facilities with steam, hot water, or chilled water loads can increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs implementing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions. Mark’s presentation covers various topics to help engineers understand:

  • current market drivers
  • ideal customer profile
  • regulatory requirements
  • incentive opportunities
  • use of Microturbines in CHP applications.

Fees for the Luncheon are $30 for Members and $35 for non-Members payable to ACEE. See you there!!

Date/Time: Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 11:30AM.

Location:  Courtyard by Marriott – Sherman Oaks: 15433 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

For more information, contact Michelle Haynes at (949) 350-5335 or


Steven Acevedo, founder and CEO of Regatta Solutions, Inc. will lead a breakout session on the benefits for Data Centers implementing Cogeneration on October 8, 2014, at the Fall Technology and Market Assessment Forum (TMAF) in Los Angeles.

Regatta Solutions is the West Coast distributor of Capstone Microturbines. The turbines are used in onsite energy projects when an organization needs to increase energy efficiency and/or decrease vulnerability to weather-related outages and other grid interruptions.

The breakout session will cover

  • business drivers for cogen systems (financial and environmental)
  • data center case studies
  • microturbine and cogen unit operation
  • applications at data centers
  • hybrid uninterrupted power supply units (UPS)
  • utility interconnection
  • related equipment
  • maintenance, warranties, and financing

For more details on the Fall TMAF event, visit the Energy Solutions Center page.

If you have questions about the energy preparedness of your data center or other business critical site, let’s arrange a phone call to review your concerns and ideas.



If you’re attending WEFTEC®, the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (Sept. 27 – Oct. 1), you’re concerned about the management of your project’s water resources. Water and energy are deeply connected, and cogeneration technology can ensure that you get the most from both resources.

Microturbines powered by biogas or natural gas generate electricity onsite and reduce utility demand, costs, and risks. And with cogeneration, you get a second helping of efficiency. The turbine exhaust heat pulls double duty as:

  • Hot water generation
  • Water pre-heating
  • Waste water disinfection for safe discharge or recycling

Bring your questions about power, hot water, and cogeneration and speak with a Regatta rep while you’re at the WEFTEC exhibition. To ensure we connect, book an appointment!

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House of representatives, American Microturbine Manufacturing and Clean Energy Deployment Act - H.R. 4428

CHATSWORTH, Calif., April 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Capstone Turbine Corporation ( (Nasdaq:CPST), the world’s leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, applauds the introduction of the American Microturbine Manufacturing and Clean Energy Deployment Act H.R. 4428 in the House of Representatives by Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (CA-39).

“I’m proud to sponsor legislation that builds on the great American tradition of innovation and manufacturing. It promotes investment in the clean energy economy and will help our country create new high-paying jobs,” said Congresswoman Sanchez. “It also protects our communities by reducing air pollution and greenhouse emissions. Microturbine technology is an efficient thermal energy and clean electrical power source, and it’s about time for it to join solar power and wind power in the national conversation for clean energy solutions.”

The American Microturbine Manufacturing and Clean Energy Deployment Act would provide a 30% investment tax credit for microturbines, providing parity with tax incentives offered to fuel cells and renewable technologies. Microturbines are highly efficient engines with low emissions that supply clean, distributed, uninterrupted power. Unlike traditional reciprocating engines, Capstone microturbines use an air bearing, eliminating the need for lubricants or coolants. Microturbines can help improve the resiliency of critical facilities in the case of grid failure. Overall energy efficiency of microturbines can reach 90%, surpassing many traditional power generation options. Capstone recently received a certificate from the US Environmental Protection Agency Combined Heatand Power Partnership recognizing the role Capstone’s microturbine technology has had in removing more than 3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide with cogeneration projects alone. This award further highlights and quantifies the clean and green impact of Capstone microturbines.

H.R. 4428 promotes investment in clean energy while simultaneously helping create American jobs. Microturbine technology was invented in the United States where the overwhelming majority of the world’s microturbines are manufactured today. By advancing smart tax policy and regulations to help businesses expand and grow, H.R. 4428 would enable American microturbine producers to triple their domestic manufacturing. The bill will also eliminate the project size restriction placed on microturbines in the current tax code, opening the door to larger deployment opportunities.

“Capstone is the world’s leading manufacturer of clean microturbine energy systems. We are proud to have the sponsorship of Congresswoman Sanchez in her continued support of American manufacturing, clean energy, and energy efficiency,” said Darren Jamison, President and CEO of Capstone Turbine Corporation. “With the greater majority of microturbines being manufactured in the United States, H.R. 4428 will help grow the domestic market for microturbines. If this bill is successful, a greater number of American businesses will achieve energy independence with high efficiency, driving down operating costs and helping make their core business more competitive.”

About Capstone Turbine Corporation

Capstone Turbine Corporation ( (Nasdaq:CPST) is the world’s leading producer of low-emission microturbine systems and was the first to market commercially viable microturbine energy products. Capstone Turbine has shipped approximately 7,000 Capstone Microturbine systems to customers worldwide. These award-winning systems have logged millions of documented runtime operating hours. Capstone Turbine is a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Combined Heat and Power Partnership, which is committed to improving the efficiency of the nation’s energy infrastructure and reducing emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. A UL-Certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company, Capstone is headquartered in the Los Angeles area with sales and/or service centers in the New York Metro Area, United Kingdom, Mexico City, Shanghaiand Singapore.

The Capstone Turbine Corporation logo is available at

This press release contains “forward-looking statements,” as that term is used in the federal securities laws, about the effects of the American Microturbine Manufacturing and Clean Energy Deployment Act on our business. Forward-looking statements may be identified by words such as “expects,” “objective,” “intend,” “targeted,” “plan” and similar phrases. These forward-looking statements are subject to numerous assumptions, risks and uncertainties described in Capstone’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission that may cause Capstone’s actual results to be materially different from any future results expressed or implied in such statements. Capstone cautions readers not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this release. Capstone undertakes no obligation, and specifically disclaims any obligation, to release any revisions to any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this release or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

“Capstone” and “Capstone MicroTurbine” are registered trademarks of Capstone Turbine Corporation. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Capstone Turbine Corporation
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Take a look at our new Case Study highlighting California wine maker Vineyard 29, located in St Helena California.

chuck mc minn, vineyard 29, trigeneration, st helena, back up power, secure power, capstone, regatta solutions, cogeneration, sustainable wineries, sustainable manufacturing, green designThis Study features owner Chuck McMinn,  giving a virtual tour of his winery and the innovative process of wine making at Vineyard 29.

Employing secure power through trigenration utilizing Capstone Microtubines allowed this facility to ensure back-up power during the ‘crush’ time of processing. Crush time power outages are unpredictable and can have a costly impact on production.

This wine maker is blazing a trail of energy efficiency and secure power that is sure to lead a trend amongst the plethora of wine makers in the region. Read full case study here.

For more information about implementing secure power at your winery or manufacturing facility, please contact us for a free energy evaluation here.

Regatta Solutions takes a stand at the state capital in an effort to generate support of CHP (combined heat and power) and its use within the California.CCDC, SGIP, CHP, GHG, Energy benefits, Smart Power, Regatta Solutions,

March 26, 2014

Yesterday in Sacramento, legislators and advocates convened to give clarity and attention to the economic and environmental benefits of CHP.  This effort is part of the California Clean Distributed Generation Coalition (CCDC) focused on educating policy makers on the benefits of CHP including: energy efficiency, affordability, reduction of green house gas emissions (GHG), high power reliability and secure power.

Regatta Solutions urged lawmakers to take action by eliminating hurdles that CHP providers and technology distributors face in delivering solutions to clients and customers. These actions include: elimination of departing load charges, changes making standby charges equitable across competing technologies, recognition of CHP value to the grid and Cap & Trade.

Lawmakers like Assembly member, Nancy Skinner, provided encouragement of progress by expressing an understanding and enthusiasm towards this type of clean and green smart power solution.  Assembly Member Skinner’s leadership should be applauded, specifically her introduction to save the SGIP (Self Generation Incentive Program) through the introduction of AB1499. This Assembly Bill will extend the program beyond the previously imposed end date of December 31, 2014.

In summary, there is much work to be done to heighten the awareness of CHP within the energy efficiency market. Regatta Solutions efforts with CCDC are focused on getting the message out that CHP adaptation will improve the competitive positioning of California businesses through lower energy cost and reduction of Green House Gas production.  In addition, prominent discussion and debate must take place by the California legislature on securing the electric grid from cyber penetration before a cataclysmic event occurs.  CHP definitely has a role to play in this key homeland security issue.

Steven Acevedo, President & CEO