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An aerial view of buildings with solar panel arrays on their roofs

Smart Power Solutions

Reduce cost, improve sustainability,
and create energy resilience

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Before you can manage energy costs, you need to understand how much energy you actually need. Regatta Solutions will conduct an assessment and then present a plan for improvement.

Clean Energy

Regatta will create a custom implementation plan that finds the best clean energy solution to fit your needs, that will reduce cost while also improving sustainability.


We believe the best business model is not about business—it’s about integrity and commitment. That’s why Regatta maintains clients for life. We provide flexible financing and after-market service support.

Energy Solutions Customized to Fit Your Needs

Energy Solutions


Utilizing a microgrid – a decentralized group of electricity sources normally connected to the larger grid, but is able to disconnect and function independently – reduces energy costs and gains infrastructure energy resiliency. A microgrid can be invaluable in an emergency, as its independent function can allow it to power Red Cross shelters like this one at San Jacinto High School.

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Red Cross team at San Jacinto High School's gymnasium

Energy Solutions

Solar PV

Whether it be utility scale green field, commercial industrial roof top and/or carport applications, Regatta’s installation experience results in proven, timely installation without change orders and reduces daytime energy use.

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Solar PV

Energy Solutions

Energy Storage

To better achieve a more reliable power supply during peak load times, energy storage maintains a balance between a network’s load and the power generated.

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Digital display showing microgrid status and energy storage levels

Energy Solutions


By generating electricity where it is needed and utilizing excess heat for heating and hot water, cogeneration (CHP) is twice as efficient as conventional power stations and offers cost savings, as well as reduced emissions and carbon footprint. Regatta Solutions provides chilling for hospitals like this one through the cogeneration process.

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A team of surgeons in the middle of a delicate surgery. Hospitals like this one receive chilling from cogeneration.

Energy Solutions

EV Charging

Supporting the shift to clean energy, EV charging stations provide highly efficient, flexible environmental solutions to the greater community.

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An EV charging station

Energy Solutions

Fuel Cells

Through a pair of redox reactions, a fuel cell cleanly and quickly converts the chemical energy of fuel and an oxidizing agent into electricity for a reliable source of power.

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A row of fuel cells sit outside in an urban environment

Customer Success Stories

“From drying to cooling, we use our turbines continuously for manufacturing processes, which is a huge advantage over solar power that’s only available during the day. Ultimately, our turbines make us more competitive and conscious of the environment. They’ve been a great sales tool and resource that supports our intent to be a green manufacturer.”

Package Manufacturer

Regatta has earned our trust! Successful implementation of our microgrid “3 Cogen Systems 1 MW Solar PV” They are a valued team member we depend on.

Poultry Farming Company

Regatta provided engineering, project development and necessary financing to make a compelling business case for us to pivot to renewable energy renewable energy project to increase shareholder value.

Oil & Gas Company

We can always count on Regatta. Knowledgeable staff with a high sense of urgency helping us respond to our requirements. Great Team!

Presidential Foundation