The Capstone C1000 Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system can be utilized to increase efficiencies and reduce operating cost. The Capstone C1000 consists of (5) C200 Microturbine engines being used to generate electricity and thermal energy to meet the facility needs. The waste heat from the turbines can be utilized for hot water, steam, chilling or air-drying applications. The system can work in parallel to the utility or if the utility goes down it can act as a back up system to protect any critical loads or processes from going down.

Regatta Solutions, Inc. offers full turnkey solutions from analyzing to see if your facility can benefit from a CHP system to the installation and servicing of your equipment to keep it running efficiently.

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Check out the latest video from Capstone:

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Clean and Green; Powering your Future

Capstone President Darren Jamison discusses power solutions with microturbine applications.