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Reduce energy costs and gain
infrastructure energy resiliency

The US Department of Energy defines the microgrid as “a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources within clearly defined electrical boundaries that acts as a single controllable entity concerning the grid. A microgrid can connect and disconnect from the grid to operate in both grid-connected or island-mode.

How Does Regatta Help?

  • Integration
  • Microgrid Integration
    Technology and Tools
  • Providing Clients a Proven and Successful Transformational Journey
  • Optimizing and Performance Tuning to Ensure High Returns

Integration Know-How

Regatta’s expertise in developing distributed generation projects is recognized throughout the West Coast, particularly in the discipline of Microgrid Projects in California. These experiences demonstrate the innovative edge brought by Regatta to the marketplace delivering successful microgrid energy projects. The professional engineering and implementing knowledge on Solar PV, Energy Storage, Combined Heat has been a difference-maker in Regatta’s engagements with its clients.

Microgrid Integration Technology and Tools

At the heart of Regatta’s microgrid capability is a set of tools developed at its subsidiary Agave® Systems. The on-premise Agave® Evolution™ System combined with the cloud-based Agave® Analytics offers clients a complete energy management system that integrates, controls demand and supply-side components with energy tariffs to bring energy arbitrage front and center for clients. The Evolution™ platform development has benefited from the actual value-add experiences of over 100 commercial and industrial clients who have implemented distributed generation projects to optimize their energy spend.

Providing Clients a Proven and Successful Transformational Journey

Regatta deploys a consultative approach to engage its clients. This approach makes the client’s journey meaningful. It also enables value engineering that delivers proven best practices and a welcomed agonistic approach to implementing the correct type of distributed generation technology for a client’s needs.

Optimizing and Performance Tuning to Ensure High Returns

Ensuring that each microgrid, solar, energy storage system, combined heat, cooling, and power (CHP, CHCP); and fuel cells capitalize on their opportunities to reduce energy cost is Regatta’s goal. All these technologies have a place. Focused on right-sizing the design for energy consumption, production, and capital expenditures, Regatta generates the highest returns for its clients.

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Talk to Our Team

Regatta is uniquely positioned to help clients understand how implementing a microgrid and integrating those
technologies can help reduce energy costs and provide infrastructure energy resiliency. The microgrid is not a buzzword to the Regatta team. Regatta has countless examples of helping small to mid-market companies implement disparate distribution generation technologies and integrating them into a seamless on-premise power grid.

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Customer Success Stories

Regatta has earned our trust! Successful implementation of our microgrid “3 Cogen Systems 1 MW Solar PV” They are a valued team member we depend on.

Poultry Farming Company

We began using Regatta Solutions in 2012 to help maintain our gas turbines. 2018 we asked them to implement a microgrid system. Their response, service and personnel are top notch. They have been one of the finest suppliers that we have worked with over the last 9 years. We hold them in high regard!

Architectural Design Element Provider

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