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Energy Storage Systems

Capitalize on stored energy during peak
load periods

Regatta delivers energy solutions to the commercial/industrial sector clients, and energy storage systems (ESS), i.e. (batteries) have become a strategic technology that addresses various energy application requirements. This broad technology base includes batteries, electrochemical capacitors, flywheels, power electronics, control systems, and software tools for storage optimization and sizing.

How Does Regatta Help?

Regatta helps clients realize the value of ESS systems through helping users understand the economic value of deploying the ESS to create net metered credits during high-cost periods is critical. The Regatta process starts with the basics of analyzing the client’s current energy usage and energy cost through Agave®. Findings include rate structure, demand charges, and power factor charges. Consultation with the client on creating projected models for future energy usage requirements is considered. Agave® Analytics provides valuable insight into resource dispatch timing. Used in combination with the Agave® Evolution controller, clients have an automated distributed generation system that accounts for net metering and can control resource dispatching.

  • Demand Charge
  • Power Factor
    Charge Management
  • Sizing and
  • Integrating ESS into Existing Solar PV System

Demand Charge Management

Providing relief during high peak load periods by engaging battery resources at the appropriate time to capitalize on the stored energy.

Power Factor Charge Management

Reducing the impact of inductive loads and corresponding charges. Regatta’s design allows the ESS to provide reactive power to the low voltage grid or downstream load connections.

Sizing and Design

Whether it’s an add-on to an existing distributed generation system or combined as a net new product, design considerations include facility/building load analysis and corresponding load control options. When automation controls require robust functionality, the Agave® Evolution™ Microgrid controller is deployed, providing seamless integration of various distributed generation systems allowing them to work harmoniously together to meet load objectives and reduce operational cost.

Integrating ESS into Existing Solar PV System

Regatta helps existing Solar PV clients investigate and install ESS. ESS is an enabler of choice, when to produce, when to dispatch and how to dispatch. The addition of storage means additional revenue opportunity / expense control with a very quick development cycle.

Tesla solar energy storage system
A simple but powerful dashboard.
Arrays of inline systems allow expansion to fit your needs.
Reliable and Clean. Efficient generators ensure smooth operation.

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Curious about battery storage solutions and wondering if your facility a good fit? Schedule a consultation with Regatta’s team to learn more about options and how ESS might benefit your company.

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