Since its first incarnation in 1978, the Viterbi Awards has been a significant annual event for the School. It has become USC’s forum for recognizing outstanding members of the engineering community and those USC alumni who have made lasting contributions to science and engineering in all its manifestations.


We are extremely proud to be affiliated as a sponsor for this annual event and other programs which support the universities programs in developing heroic engineers that are making a positive difference in the world we live in today and tomorrow.

Agave® Systems is proud to have been a sponsor of the Homer Micro Grid Conference in San Diego October 8th and 9th.

The team had the opportunity to present the Evolution™ SaaS Platform, which connects real time utility rate data with real time energy usage allowing users to optimize their distributed power assets. Participants had the opportunity to see how Evolution™ bridges the chasm between operations and finance, showing how asset management and performance relate directly to managing energy costs. Attendees were impressed with its open system architecture that enables Evolution™ to be used independently or combined with existing SCADA and/or plant control systems.  Additionally the platform features microgrid controls to seamlessly integrate operation of solar, cogeneration and energy storage systems which made it a stand out at the conference. “ We appreciated ForesterMedia for providing us the platform to demonstrate that Evolution™ provides enterprise users the best framework to manage and optimize energy spend by delivering active data to make decisions now.” Steven Acevedo, CEO Founder Agave Systems.

Microgrids and the Transition to Distributed Energy
October 8–10th, 2018

Join us! Agave Systems will be a sponsor of the 6th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference and Exhibition at the beautiful Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, California. Presented by Distributed Energy.

HIMC is the leading forum for industry leaders and policymakers in this emerging market to come together and share successes, technologies, financial models, and develop goals and policy objectives to drive the industry forward.

A pre-conference private tour will give attendees an intimate view of the UCSD microgrid project, an advanced energy network that provides electricity for the university’s 450-hectare campus.

Two days of conference activities offer a strong focus on solving practical challenges through real-world examples presented by leading figures in the microgrid and distributed energy industry. Between presentations, networking breaks on San Diego’s Mission Bay offer an amazing setting to engage with peers and build valuable relationships.

An optional third day of hands-on training with the HOMER Grid and HOMER Pro software platforms can help you model your next microgrid project, develop your demand management strategy, and get training you need to deploy more projects and land more deals.

Contact Agave Systems if you’d like to pre-schedule a meeting during the show.


From Left: Cassandra Simpson, VP Business Affairs, Steven Acevedo, President & CEO, Andrea Marr, Vice President Energy Services & Jeff Noble, Account Executive.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA–( May 5, 2016) – The Association for Corporate Growth Orange County chapter (“ACG-OC”) nominated Regatta Solutions as a finalist in consideration for the Green/Sustainability award.  This celebration highlighted Orange County’s best performing companies’ organizations at the 22st Annual Awards Gala held at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach on May 4th, 2017.

The Categories for the awards include:

  • Growth Award
  • Reinventing Award
  • Spotlight Award
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Green/Sustainability Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Founders Award
  • Startup Award

About ACG Orange County Founded in 1954, the Association for Corporate Growth is a global organization with 56 chapters involved in corporate growth, corporate development, and mergers and acquisitions. ACG’s 14,000 members include professionals from private equity firms, corporations and lenders that invest in middle-market companies, as well as from law, accounting, investment banking and other firms that provide advisory services.

Andrea Marr, VP of Energy Solutions at Regatta Solutions spoke on April 23rd at the 2017 San Francisco Green Film Festival following the West Coast premiere of Tidewater, a film by Roger Sorkin.

Regatta Solutions at the Green Film FestivalAndrea discussed ways in which communities and businesses can “go green” and be more resilient against the affects of climate change, including on site power generation and emergency preparedness planning.  She also spoke about how to put a price on resiliency and about climate change as a national security issue.

Green Future:

The power generation grid is evolving from a one-way delivery system to a multi-directional network using smaller “virtual power plants,” where many locations work together to  function of a traditional power plant, are an example of the types of projects that would reshape the grid.


From Left: Logan Allen – Oil & Gas Principal – Regatta Solutions, Udak Nudak-Petroleum Administrator -City of Los Angeles, Dan Dudak – District Deputy – DOGGR & William Thompson-Senior Manager-AQMD

Regatta Solutions’ Oil and Gas Practice Principal, Logan Allen, moderated the 2017 TYP Regulatory Panel at the Long Beach Petroleum Club in April. The distinguished panelists represented the most influential regulatory bodies in California’s Oil and Gas industry. Logan lead a discussion on the current and future impacts that California’s producers can expect to see from these regulatory agencies. Issues like Air Quality, Flaring, and the efficient use of resources were central to the discussion.

TYP is a non-profit organization consisting of talented and active professionals in the beginning or middle of our careers. We host fun social events like the Del Mar Horse Races and we host high-profile, seasoned professionals like Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, and President of WSPA Cathy Reheis Boyd. Our members benefit from the attention we receive from high profile executives in the California oil industry and California’s political leaders. Our mission is to develop the executives of tomorrow in Southern California’s Oil and Gas industry. Click here for Membership information.

“Team: I want to thank all of you for supporting Fristers.  Just sharing a picture from tonights dinner.  Fristers supports teen parents and their children with education, role models and many other essentials that make a difference in these families lives.  Thanks for your involvement. ” 
Steve Acevedo


steve-speaking-building-maintenance-management-expoMicrogrids are the optimal energy solution for sustainability, resilience and cost effectiveness.

Steve Acevedo spoke today on real life examples from breweries to manufacturing, to focus on how microgrids are sized and designed to increase business resiliency as well as the impact they can have on a operating costs.  By combining solar power, battery storage and cogeneration, microgrids are the future of the built environment.

Microgrids offer resiliency for a greener tomorrow:

Regatta Solutions is a full service energy solutions provider, from energy efficiency to Solar, Battery Storage, Cogeneration and Microgrids to improve energy resiliency.