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A fuel cell system

Fuel Cells

A clean, efficient, reliable, and quiet
source of power

Fuel cell systems are a clean, efficient, reliable, and quiet source of power. Fuel cells do not need to be periodically recharged like batteries but instead continue to produce electricity as long as a fuel source is provided.

Fuel Cell Benefits

  • Resiliency
  • Predictability
  • Sustainability
  • Simplicity


Uninterrupted power without compromise to eliminate power outages

  • Eliminate Outage Risk
  • Maximize availability and uptime


  • Reduce price uncertainty from energy costs with superior power quality
  • Lock in predictable costs
  • Improve time to power
  • Gain consistent power quality


Accelerating the path to decarbonization and better air quality.

  • Fuel-flexible, upgradable, future-proof
  • Navigate the clean energy transition


Turnkey solution platform to enhance your energy investment strategy.

  • Flexible financing and no upfront cost
  • Trusted Engineering, Procurement, Contractor
  • Regatta handles permitting, installation
Fuel cells

Fuel Cell Features

When you are looking for continuous power day and night for your enterprise, consider a Fuel Cell.

  • A flexible platform that scales with you as you navigate the energy transition.
  • Delivers 24/7 onsite power
  • Converts natural gas, biogas, and/or hydrogen into electricity without combustion
  • World leading efficiency
  • Mission critical reliability and resiliency
  • Low or no CO2, and virtually zero NOx, SO2, and particulate matter
  • Predictive maintenance without downtime
  • Exempt from Departing Load and Utility Standby Charges
  • 24/7 remote monitoring

How Does Regatta Help?

  • Analyzing the client’s current energy usage and energy cost through Agave®.
  • Develop projected models for future energy usage requirements.
  • Sizing of the system
  • Financial modeling then takes place providing clients with economic impact analysis of the developed solution.
  • Build site and secure public agency permitting and interconnection approvals.
  • Deliver financing options from power purchase agreements that include equity, tax equity, debt, origination, and structuring of grants and incentives and traditional sales leaseback.
  • Secure available energy incentives form Federal, State and local agencies.
  • Owners’ representative to support ensure manufacture provides excellent service and warranty service support
What is a fuel cell and how does it work?
A diagram showing how fuel and ambient air produce electricity
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