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An array of solar panels

Solar PV

Leverage the power of solar to reduce
daytime energy usage.

Taking advantage of Solar Photovol taic (PV) and its benefits is a critical element of implementing a distributed generation strategy that includes renewables.

How Does Regatta Help?

The Regatta process starts with the basics of analyzing the client’s current energy usage and energy cost through Agave®. Consultation with the client on creating projected models for future energy usage requirements are considered.

  • Premier Cost-Effective Design and Implementation
  • Innovative Engineering
    and Design
  • Incentives / Financing / System Economic Impact
  • Utility Interconnect Block and Tackle

Premier Cost-Effective Design and Implementation

Being a premier Engineering Procurement Contractor requires Regatta to focus on continuous improvement to ensure that it provides its clients the most. This means reliable, bankable, state-of-the-art technology, innovative design for optimum performance, quality partners that deliver resources and services on time and value pricing to ensure the best return on investment.

Innovative Engineering and Design

Sizing of the system is next. Consideration is taken to optimize the placement of the panels, which includes the tilt, azimuth, and corresponding irradiance. Care for structural capacity and roofing life cycles are also considered. Innovative engineering by our in-house staff typically delivers value-added benefits like multiple options for our clients to choose. Each option focuses on meeting client’s requirements and driving price performance for our clients.

Incentives / Financing / System Economic Impact

Financial modeling then takes place, providing clients with an economic impact analysis of the developed solution. Client cost of capital, tax and depreciation impacts, and potential energy incentives from federal, state, and local agencies are all considered. Regatta’s established financing partners provide the full range of financing options for energy conservation projects. From power purchase agreements that include equity, tax equity, debt, origination, and structuring of grants and incentives and traditional sales leaseback. The Regatta team works closely with the client to ensure that all possible incentives are being utilized.

Utility Interconnect Block and Tackle

Once the solution is approved, Regatta works with clients and administrating public agencies on permitting and interconnection approvals. Regatta is a subject matter expert in multi-distributed technology Utility Interconnect Application management, mainly dealing with Rule 21. This seasoned experience delivers clients exceptional value, like mitigated cost and risk delays when utilities play hardball. Whether it be utility-scale greenfield, commercial, industrial rooftop and or carport applications, Regatta’s installation experience results in proven timely installation without change orders.

Two workers discussing a project

Regatta monitors the performance a 24/7 basis. It also performs regular operations and preventative maintenance services for the clients that desire a managed care offering. Services include:

  • Solar PV Module Cleaning
  • Periodic site inspection and testing of all installed systems

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Wondering if solar and renewable energy might be a good fit for your business? Schedule a consultation with Regatta’s team to learn more about the process and how it might benefit your company.

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Customer Success Stories

Regatta provided engineering, project development and necessary financing to make a compelling business case for us to pivot to renewable energy renewable energy project to increase shareholder value.

Oil & Gas Company

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