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San Jacinto High School’s Microgrid project

Covid19? No stopping the Southern California Edison (SCE) virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday for San Jacinto High School’s Microgrid project. Agave® Systems is proud to be involved in this community project to provide resiliency to the campus and Red Cross Evacuation Center. Thanks to our partners especially world-class energy consultant WilldanPatrick BurgessTesla and Southern California Edison (SCE) Learn more: https://lnkd.in/gEHabGU

A Message From Our CTO, Mark Gilbreth: Utility Rate Changes

June 2020 Utility Rate Changes While you have been trying to financially navigate the COVID-19 shutdown since mid-March of this year, Southern California Edison has issued two utility rate increases.  The first rate increase of 4% to 8% took effect on April 13, 2020.  The second rate increase of 4% to 5% took effect on […]

What a Quick Win?

Hallelujah! For the first time since the coronavirus crisis began, businesses within our client community are getting back to work. It may even be fair to say—cautiously–that the economy is beginning to recover. There is no denying that we took a big hit: Data from the Wall Street Journal demonstrates that the country was still mired in […]


Regatta Solutions Mentioned in CEC Report

Both Regatta Solutions and Agave Systems are mentioned in the 2019 report called “A Comprehensive Assessment of Small Combined Heat and Power Technical and Market Potential in California”. The report was compiled from a study that identified, characterized, and assessed combined heat and power (CHP) technologies and applications in California. This assessment found economically viable […]

EVENT INVITE: Driving Sales Performance in Energy Project Development

Looking to expand your energy services solutions and business opportunities? Increase your sales performance in energy development by becoming a partner with Agave® Systems. Microgrids offer the opportunity to integrate various distributed generation resources such as solar PV, combined heat and power, and battery storage systems to meet the electric needs of a facility.  How […]


Regatta Solutions in Attendance at the 41st Annual USC Viterbi Awards

Since its first incarnation in 1978, the Viterbi Awards has been a significant annual event for the School. It has become USC’s forum for recognizing outstanding members of the engineering community and those USC alumni who have made lasting contributions to science and engineering in all its manifestations. We are extremely proud to be affiliated […]

Nicholas H. Guy Acevedo Memorial Golf Tournament March 22, 2019

  Regatta Solutions, Inc. invites you to play to make a difference. Regatta Solutions, Inc. is proud to be a sponsor of an event that brings attention and discussion to the subject of depression and the consequence of suicide. Nicholas H. Guy Acevedo Memorial Trust Fund, sponsored through OneOC, was formed to promote awareness and […]

PG&E Uncertainty

PG&E faces uncertainty on the road to becoming stable. Without certainty as to their financial viability, prices will almost certainly be negatively impacted. This price environment motivates businesses to provide their own reliable electricity at low costs per kwh to protect their business from the volatility in the market. This article highlights some of those […]

Average Electricity Costs in US

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently updated their data on the average cost of electricity by state. Costs are rising and, in some states, are already very high. Generating power for your own operations is a way to reduce pertaining expenses and limit your upside exposure to cost increases year over year. See the […]