What a Quick Win?

For the first time since the coronavirus crisis began, businesses within our client community are getting back to work.

Hallelujah! For the first time since the coronavirus crisis began, businesses within our client community are getting back to work. It may even be fair to say—cautiously–that the economy is beginning to recover. There is no denying that we took a big hit: Data from the Wall Street Journal demonstrates that the country was still mired in a severe downturn in April and May, with overall business activity falling and layoffs rising. However, the rate of contraction has been slowing and is now nothing like the acute squeeze we experienced in March. Although current projections have the economy falling 6% to 7% this year and unemployment lingering in double-digit percentages, it now appears conditions in some aspects of the economy aren’t getting worse, and might even be improving. As the WSJ reported, “If this is the only wave [of coronavirus], it looks like we’ve bottomed out and the normalization process has begun,” said Beth Ann Bovino, U.S. chief economist at S&P Global Ratings.

Our clients are moving to the same beat, as we continue to receive client feedback focused on the possibility of a quick economic recovery. We are all experiencing the uncertainty caused by the crisis—and that uncertainty means that situational business management awareness is now crucial. What is needed now is the agility to reevaluate market positions and business strategy, paired with clarity about the actions necessary to not only survive but to grow. Having a quick win right now is as important as it has ever been!

At Agave® we help our clients establish a defined process to manage their utility bills. The quick win for our 2019 clients was savings averaging over $50,000 annually on their utility expenses. Following analytics, auditing, alerts, and recommendations made by Agave®, our clients were able to maximize savings in this area. If you want to add value to your business enterprise, consider engaging Agave® to be your virtual energy manager. We guarantee a return on your annual subscription within 90 days! Quit paying your utility bills (Electric and Gas) without really understanding the cost of energy and how you are using it. Agave® will shed light on what you have been paying for and where you can save. Don’t just use power—become empowered.

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