The Regatta Solutions team along with a number of Clients met with California Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian this last Friday at Capstone Turbine’s facility.  Leading the meeting was Capstone’s CEO Darren Jaminson.  We all were there to collectively support the legislative efforts of Assmblyman Nazarian with Assembly Bill 36 (AB36).


AB 36 is critical to furthering California’s pursuit of a clean energy future and ensuring that all advanced distributed generation (DG) technologies capable of meeting the state’s stringent environmental standards are allowed to compete on a level playing field.

Regatta Solutions and Capstone Turbine support the California Clean Distributed Energy Coalition.  This coalition is highly supportive of public policies that promote clean energy and technological innovation and we are committed to assisting California in the pursuit of its ambitious clean energy goals.  California’s overall energy demand is expected to double by 2050 concurrent with substantial increases in renewable energy penetration.  This rapid growth reinforces the importance of deploying affordable, innovative and clean energy generation technologies capable of facilitating renewables integration while maintaining reliability.  The DG technologies that Capstone Turbine manufactures provide affordable, clean, and resilient onsite power on par with the highest performing fuel cells on the market and may be particularly valuable in California, where energy costs are extremely high.  We are part of the broader clean energy solution and are ready to be deployed now to meet the state’s growing demand while providing critical environmental, economic and social benefits.

Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) provides power and heating to manufacturing and business sites.

Last week Andrea Marr, VP of Energy Services at Regatta Solutions, and other members of the California Clean Distributed Generation Coalition (CCDC) met with California state lawmakers at the State Capitol. The focus of the conversations was new legislation that would remove the unfair burden of departing load charges from most onsite cogeneration projects. This bill, AB674, sponsored by Assemblyman Kevin Mullin (D-22), would still require customers with clean onsite generation to pay utility fees for electricity purchased from the grid. It would, however, remove the requirement for these customers to pay what amounts to an additional 75-100% sales tax on these clean generation projects.

Regatta Solutions believes that a transition away from fossil fuel dependency is good for our environment, our air, and our economy. We also believe that cogeneration can ease the transition to a renewable economy by providing very efficient and powerful onsite generation and alleviating congestion on the grid. Industries like manufacturing and food production are extremely power intensive and no amount of solar on the roof will cover their usage. In all but very rare cases, manufacturers will continue to rely on the grid for all of their power, consuming more on hot days and putting a strain on the grid during peak times like the rest of us.

Without legislation to remove the burden of departing load charges, California is unlikely to meet Governor Brown’s goal of 6,500 MW of onsite power from cogeneration by 2020. In many cases, removing this charge would single handedly make projects financially viable. Regatta Solutions urges legislators to pass AB674 as quickly as possible to ensure California’s energy future remains clean and affordable.

The SoCalGas Distributed Energy Resources Seminar is hosting “DG/CHP/Storage, A Clean and Efficient Way to Reduce Energy Costs” at the Downey, CA, Energy Resources Center. Andrea Marr, Regatta Solutions’ VP of Energy Services, will be presenting on combined heat and power (CHP) in distributed generation applications.

Members of the Regatta Solutions team will be exhibiting at a booth and will be available to answer applications questions. Stop by and say hello! There is no cost to attend the seminar.

Date: Thursday, 03/12/15 09:00 AM – 03:00 PM

Register Here

Seminar Description:

Learn How Distributed Energy Resources (DG/CHP/Storage) Can Help Save You Money and Increase Your Energy Reliability

This seminar will focus on natural gas-fired technologies that generate power while also providing heating and cooling needs. Get the latest information on incentives, the market environment, technology developments and current policies and regulations affecting on-site generation.

Learn what steps to take in order to make the most informed decision about your particular application of Distributed Energy Resources.

Several equipment and technology vendors will discuss their experience with successful projects and demonstrations that prove the validity of distributed generation and combined heat and power for a variety of applications. Vendors include gas engine, fuel cell, micro turbine, turbine and energy storage manufacturers.

This seminar will be held at:

Southern California Gas Company
Energy Resource Center
9240 Firestone Blvd.
Downey, CA 90241

8:30 a.m. check-in and continental breakfast
Networking lunch provided

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