Regatta Solutions has helped businesses overcome the challenges of unreliable utility power for over a decade now. Several of our clients in the San Diego area are currently benefiting from their power generation projects while SDG&E has power shut down in their area. A Dual Mode power generation project is able to operate even when the grid is not operating. The controls that Regatta Solutions designs for our clients automatically disconnect the power supply from the grid when it becomes unstable or unavailable and then automatically reconnects and operates in Grid Parallel mode when SDG&E comes back online. These projects save millions of dollars for our clients over the life of the project and we even provide financing. The cost of financing is included in our economic models and the actual value of the project is measured by Agave System’s Evolution software so that CFO’s and management can see how their investment is paying off over lifetime and real time. Ask us how a project for your facility would pay off.