“A Cleaner Tomorrow”

At Regatta Solutions, the mission is to deliver smart solutions that enable success for a cleaner tomorrow.

Learn about our Mission! “ A Cleaner Tomorrow”

We are not just a solar company….Founded in 2009, Regatta Solutions is a full-service energy solutions provider.  Regatta Solutions provides cost-effective, environmentally friendly energy solutions for prime power, secure power, peak shaving, and stand-by energy requirements.  Technology and project experience include: Solar PV, Energy Storage, Combined Heat & Power, Advanced Chilling Solutions, Building Management Control Systems, and EV Charging Systems.  

Superb after-market service is also available providing clients with high availability, asset investment protection, and central plant facility maintenance. Using its combined experience in energy supply and demand management, Regatta works with its clients to develop microgrid solutions that create grid independence with high resiliency.  Markets served to include schools and colleges, oil and gas, data centers, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, food and beverage production, property management, landfills, digesters, waste-water treatment, and utilities.


At Regatta Solutions, the mission is to deliver smart solutions that enable success for a cleaner tomorrow as Regatta optimizes technology investments, mitigate operation risk, and position its clients for growth.


Regatta’s expertise in developing distributed generation projects is recognized throughout the West Coast particularly in the discipline of Microgrid Projects California.  These experiences demonstrate the competitive edge brought by Regatta to the marketplace that helps its clients engineer innovative successful energy projects allowing disparate generation technologies to work together.  The skilled engineering knowledge to understand how to implement Solar PV, Energy Storage, Combined Heat and has been a difference-maker in Regatta’s engagements with its clients. Considering that most competitors come from a solar background and take a commodity approach to develop an energy project. Regatta’s consultative approach enables value engineering that delivers proven best practices and a welcomed agonistic approach to implementing the right type of distributed generation technology for a client’s needs.  Optimizing the implementation of distributed generation technologies into microgrids; solar; energy storage systems; combined heat, cooling and power (CHP, CHCP); and fuel cells is Regatta’s goal.  All these technologies have a place.  Regatta focuses on right-sizing the design for energy consumption, production, and capital expenditures to generate the highest returns for its clients


Regatta has developed and commissioned over 50MW of distributed generation projects over the last 12 years in business. These projects range from Microgrid integration of CHP, Solar, and Energy storage to Offshore Distributed Generation, Biogas CHP, Oil and Gas Stranded Gas Flaring Elimination, Multi-MW Solar Tracking Projects, Central Plant Equipment Retrofitting and Recommissioning, and Building Management Control Systems.


Regatta’s construction business Regatta Development is a California Licensed General Contractor #974377. It is a California OSHPD proven builder and manages its best of class partners to value manage its energy projects.  Regatta’s supply chain management processes optimize its projects for quality, cost and on-time delivery. It is known for eliminating the change order which goes a long way when working with governmental, municipalities, universities, healthcare and utilities.


Regatta integrates distributed technologies with systems developed at its subsidiary Agave® Systems. The analytics cloud-based system along with the on-premise Evolution™ microgrid-control system offers an enterprise a complete energy management system that integrates demand and supply-side components. The Evolution™ platform development has benefited from real value add experiences of over 100 commercial and industrial clients who have implemented distributed generation projects to optimize their energy spend. The solution brings real-time utility rate data together with real-time energy usage to provide key metrics, trends, and notifications for a client to track the ROI and performance optimization of the technologies deployed. This solution provides Regatta clients with insightful tools that enable and empower decisions that reduce energy usage and cost.

Additional information- www.agavesi.com


Regatta monitors the performance of every system it installs on a 24/7 basis. It also performs regular operations and preventative maintenance services for the clients that desire a managed care offering.


Regatta’s established financing partners provide the full range of financing options for energy conservation projects.  From equity, tax equity, debt, origination, and structuring of grants and incentives and traditional sales leaseback. The Regatta team works closely with the client to ensure that all possible incentives are being utilized.