Take a look at our new Case Study highlighting California wine maker Vineyard 29, located in St Helena California.

chuck mc minn, vineyard 29, trigeneration, st helena, back up power, secure power, capstone, regatta solutions, cogeneration, sustainable wineries, sustainable manufacturing, green designThis Study features owner Chuck McMinn,  giving a virtual tour of his winery and the innovative process of wine making at Vineyard 29.

Employing secure power through trigenration utilizing Capstone Microtubines allowed this facility to ensure back-up power during the ‘crush’ time of processing. Crush time power outages are unpredictable and can have a costly impact on production.

This wine maker is blazing a trail of energy efficiency and secure power that is sure to lead a trend amongst the plethora of wine makers in the region. Read full case study here.

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