Regatta Solutions Proudly Announces Its Strategic Partnership with FlexEnergy as a Key Distribution Partner in North America

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regatta Solutions, an energy solutions provider, welcomes FlexEnergy to its solution portfolio.

Regatta Solutions has selected FlexEnergy as its new go-to-market prime mover for distributed generation focused on prime power, base load, and combined heat and power (CHP) and Oil and Gas power applications. FlexEnergy manufactures gas turbine engines designed with the proven reliability of larger turbines in a small package well suited for Commercial and Industrial markets. FlexEnergy provides key configuration options for its clients whether the application requires low acoustic sound, harsh environment, fuel flexibility, or low emission requirements. Its systems offer high reliability by using industrial grade components made in the United States of America.

Regatta-FlexEnergy-Gas-Turbine_0643“We are pleased to offer gas turbines from FlexEnergy for its innovation, quality and high business integrity that allows our organization to deliver reliability, availability and serviceability of the equipment we sell,” said Steven Acevedo, President and CEO of Regatta Solutions. “This technology is the leading edge that provides our clients with low emission benefits without sacrificing the quality of the materials used in manufacturing FlexEnergy’s products. This partnership will contribute to significant velocity of sales in our market place and potential for geographic expansion as clients implement distributed generation to reduce energy cost and improve resiliency.”

“Regatta is the model for how new distributors can jump-start the business development process,” said Mark Schnepel, FlexEnergy President and Chief Executive Officer. “Regatta has the proven energy solutions project development expertise and service team to improve operational efficiency and energy management for clients using FlexEnergy’s clean and reliable products. They have the skill and client base along with a stellar reputation that makes them an ideal distributor for FlexEnergy,” added Schnepel.

About FlexEnergy

FlexEnergy is a privately-held, New Hampshire-based manufacturer of the highest quality, low emission mid-market gas turbines. FlexEnergy’s 333kW and 1.6 MW cogeneration combined heat and power (CHP) gas turbines provide highly reliable, low maintenance, and low emissions electricity and heat to global customers, often in remote areas where the electric grid can be unreliable, expensive, or altogether absent. Developed over the course of two decades by Ingersoll Rand before being acquired by FlexEnergy in 2010, Flex turbine technology features a highly robust synchronous generator for larger gas turbines. Uniquely capable of handling varying or cycling loads in remote oil field power generation, this offers significant advantages in the field and allows for the combustion of a wider range of gases, including flare gas.

About Regatta Solutions

Regatta Solutions works with clients in North America to lower their energy spend and leverage onsite generation technologies like solar, gas turbines, and energy storage. Its solutions drive positive bottom line and sustainable results for facilities including: Food and Beverage, Hotels, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Data Centers, Educational Facilities, High Rise Buildings, Recreational Parks and Pools, Landfills, Waste Water Treatment, and Oil and Gas applications. For more information about Regatta, visit its websites at, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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