North Dakota Petroleum Council

Annual Meeting 2018

The North Dakota Petroleum Council’s 2018 Annual Meeting was well attended and well run. The need for gas management and power generation were both highlighted in the final panel discussion by Christopher Hart – Associate Developer, Exxon Mobil, and @Christy Williamson – Vice President of Gas Supply, ONEOK. Regatta Solutions’ experience with California’s highly regulated and highly efficient use of gas will help North Dakota producers stay ahead of the regulatory curve by aligning their needs for grid independence and resiliency with the need to focus on maximizing oil production. Fargo’s Mayor Doug Burgum eloquently described the balance that exists between community benefit, production operations, and the regulatory environment in one of America’s leading oil and gas plays.

Steve Acevedo and I were happy to discuss how Evolution software can decrease electricity expense for Asset Managers in the Bakken and help them determine what type of power generation technology will provide the best return on investment. Regatta Solutions looks forward to supporting North Dakota’s innovative and hard-working men and women as they produce the energy that keeps our nation #Doing!

– Logan Allen

Oil and Gas Practice Principal

Regatta Solutions

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