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A few customer testimonials

Steve and Mark, I wanted to send a “thank you” for the quick service response on the turbines we had down the other day. Keeping these units up and running is critical for us in our continued effort to reduce the amount of power we purchase, and every little bit helps! And, I’ll add, Regatta/Capstone really understand this and seem to put in a little extra effort for me to keep us up and running.

Our campus received energy star rating last year and this year we received the 2014 Practice Green Heath Award for Environmental Excellence Energy. We also have one of the lowest operating costs compared to others. I share this because this success was only achievable because of your understanding of my urgent request when our system was not operating at its maximum capacity. Thank you for always addressing our urgent needs and caring to do the right thing.

“The Capstone microturbines have paid for themselves
and proven to be dependable and reliable.”

“From drying to cooling, we use our microturbines continuously for manufacturing processes, which is a huge advantage over solar power that’s only available during the day. Ultimately, our microturbines make us more competitive and conscious of the environment. They’ve been a great sales tool and resource that supports our intent to be a green manufacturer.”

“Instead of dumping rejected heat into the atmosphere, we can reuse it.

In the first two months of operation we saw a cost avoidance of over $80,000. This new process with microturbines allows for more control over heat distribution and BTUs. With such a highly efficient process, the hotel is able to squeeze every dollar out of each BTU.”

“The operation of the microturbines is simple.

Based on two years of experience, the microturbines are operating fine and the 10-year Factory Protection Plan [FPP] offered by Capstone and maintained by Regatta Solutions is a valuable tool to provide peace of mind and protect the investment.”

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