The Regatta Solutions team celebrates and honors our nation’s service members who have and who continue to protect our security and our exceptional way of life. Thank you.01 stars-and-stripes-flag

On May 21, Andrea Marr, VP of Energy Services and Navy veteran, spoke on a USC Price roundtable that addressed options to empower veteran-owned businesses. The panel of speakers discussed successful business models and practical resources for veterans who want to transition to small business ownership. Three points of consideration from Ms. Marr’s presentation include:

1. Many veterans leave the military because they want the freedom to be their own boss. Unfortunately the barriers to entrepreneurship are particularly high for those who simply don’t have the network and the contacts because they’ve literally been out of the country for prolonged periods of time.

2. The role of mentorship, particularly among veterans, is only now being realized. Seeing peers find ways to succeed and seeking out that knowledge was a huge part of my decision to quit my job and start my own company.

3. Financing is usually viewed through a narrow lens – how much money will I need to start my company? What people don’t usually think about is the amount of money they will need to live on until they are profitable. You can be smart about it though and save for that. Unlike the military, you will not get a paycheck every two weeks as an entrepreneur!