Regatta Solutions, Inc., the premier Capstone Turbine Distributor covering California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii, recently became a partner in the US EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP). This program recognizes the efforts of companies that bring about environmental improvements via the development of landfill gas (LFG) energy projects.


Landfill Gas Turbines

Landfill methane is produced when organic materials like paper and yard, household, and food waste are decomposed by bacteria under anaerobic conditions (in an absence of oxygen). When left to escape into the air, the methane found in landfill gas becomes a potent greenhouse gas. However, technologies such as Capstone microturbines take advantage of the methane to fuel power plants, manufacturing facilities, and even the equipment at the landfill itself.

An example of this is the pair of Capstone C65 turbines at the Mountain View, CA Shoreline Landfill. Using the biogas, the turbines generate 130 kW of power. This operates the landfill’s irrigation and sewage pump stations and also allows the landfill to export power to the grid.

Full details on the Shoreline Landfill are available in the Mountain View Project Profile.

Questions about Capstone microturbine applications for landfill gas can be directed to Jeff Noble, Account Executive at Regatta Solutions: