The Capstone Microturbine cogeneration solution is considered one of the greenest generators in the industry.

The Capstone Microturbine is a Cogeneration Solution that is considered one of the “greenest” generators in the industry.

Capstone-logoThis system can reduce a company’s dependence on utility power that keeps increasing yearly—providing a lower cost for power and a source for hot water or air conditioning at a reasonable price. The system operates on a variety of fuels in numerous environments—from extreme temperatures to extreme atmospheric elements. The systems are a lower cost long term solution to the alternative diesel power generator.

Key Features & Benefits:

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and Combined Cooling, Heating & Power (CCHP) Capstone turbines generate electrical power and usable exhaust heat which can provide hot water, or drive an absorption chiller for air-conditioning, among other uses. Clean, efficient DG offers a variety of societal and customer benefits.

Efficient Use of Fuel

By recycling the waste heat from the electric generation process, efficiencies in excess of 80% are possible.

Reduced Generation Costs

Capstone microturbines provide consistent output without fluctuations and are UL1741 certified, allowing interconnection with the utility grid.

Reduced Emissions

A Capstone turbine CHP or CCHP system provides a tremendous reduction in NOx emissions compared with traditional sources of electrical and heat energy.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas/CO2

Capstone CHP or CCHP solutions also significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to traditional systems.

Power Reliability

Another important customer benefit of using clean, efficient DG is secure power for critical facility loads. The result is that traditional backup diesel generators may not be needed, eliminating them as a source of even greater exhaust emissions. Customer loads managed in this way help the utility during imminent power failure conditions occurring in peak demand periods (like hot summer afternoons). As the utility grid begins to lose frequency control with excessive demand, the facility loads can be switched off of the utility grid, and electric and heat energy are sustained by the microturbines. Thus, the utility sees decreased load during these difficult times, and the customer can continue to power their facility in case the utility grid fails.

Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery is the process of using the microturbine’s exhaust heat to generate steam, hot water, or chilled water to offset thermal energy needs for your business.  Regatta offers a complete line of steam generators, heat recovery units, and absorption chillers that are perfectly matched with the line of Capstone microturbine products to meet your application needs.  Capturing this waste heat, rather than exhausting it outside the building, reduces the need to purchase additional natural gas for heating and electricity for cooling applications.

Gas Conditioning

Gas conditioning is the process of removing solid contaminants and liquids from waste and renewable methane gas streams in order to prepare the gaseous fuel for use in Capstone microturbine products. Regatta’s real world application experience has lead to the development of the optimal process flow and identification of industry leading components that can meet your application needs. We design and install gas conditioning systems to provide a reliable, clean fuel source for our Capstone microturbine products.

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