CHP Resilience Panel: Distributed Generation for Business Critical Facilities

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The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Association will host a moderated panel on CHP Resilience at its annual meeting on October 16, 2014. The panel will discuss the role CHP can play to meet resiliency needs for business critical facilities such as data centers. Moderated by Rick Tidball of ICF International, the panel will offer insights from Cherif Youssef of Sempra Utilities, Michael Lozano of the California Energy Commission, and Mark Gilbreth of Regatta Solutions, Inc. Together, they will address:

  • funding options
  • hurdles
  • hybrid uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • applications of distributed generation to California’s energy resiliency
  • other market segments that should be looking into resiliency capabilities.

If you have concerns and ideas about your facility’s vulnerability to weather-related outages and other grid interruptions, let’s set up a phone appointment. 

For more information on the CHP Annual Conference, visit the conference page.