CS_Capstone-Turbine-CorpIn October 2007, Capstone announced the launch of our Ultra-Low Emissions Products and CARB 2007 Certification.

As an example, installing six 65kW Capstone MicroTurbines® operating 24 hours a day reduces nitrogen oxide emissions approximately five tons per year which equates to the same environmental impact of taking 258 cars off the road, based on EPA emissions and efficiency data for the average US power plant and average passenger vehicle.

In addition, Capstone has undertaken several operational steps in order to maximize efficiency and contribute further to slowing climate change.

1. Our recyclable packaging not only ensures better shipment protection, but it allows our customers to recycle it.
2. ISO 14001 is being implemented in conjunction with our current ISO 9001 certification. This certification reinforces Capstone’s commitment to preserve the environment and minimize our manufacturing footprint.
3. Capstone instituted a recycling process by designing products that are themselves recyclable. This, coupled with minimization of the hazardous material used in the manufacturing process, significantly reduces the environmental footprint from the life cycle of a Capstone turbine.