Mountain View Project Profile

The City of Mountain View, CA, located south of San Francisco, has found several ways to not waste its waste. The city’s closed Shoreline Landfill was repurposed as Shoreline Park, a recreational facility that offers a golf course, hiking trails, wildlife habitat, and more. But the landfill itself also offered the methane that comes along with the decomposition of garbage. Rather than flare off the methane, Mountain View turned to two Capstone C65 microturbines, maintained by Regatta Solutions, Inc., Capstone’s West Coast distributor. Now the city uses the biogas to provide renewable power generation and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The Capstone microturbines were selected for the city of Mountain View to match the facility’s onsite power demands from the landfill flare station, irrigation pump station, and a sewage pump station. The microturbines operate parallel to the PG&E grid, which allows power export to the grid under net metering. The system provides 130kW of power from the landfill gas.

In operation since September 2012, the system’s total project cost was $828,000. The renewable energy project received $338,000 in funding from the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP); $169,000 was received upfront and the remaining 50 percent is paid based on performance over the next five years. Mountain View’s project also received $300,000 from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

The system runs 24/7 and “the operation of the microturbines is simple,” according to Nirmal Sajjan, Principal Civil Engineer for the City of Mountain View. “Based on two years of experience, the microturbines are operating fine” and the 10-year Factory Protection Plan [FPP] offered by Capstone and maintained by Regatta Solutions “is a valuable tool to provide peace of mind and protect the investment. FPP is also required to qualify for the SGIP.”

As other organizations look ahead to CHP systems, Sajjan recommends that “the carbon media vessels on the gas treatment skids should be sized appropriately for the desired carbon media replacement life. The gas conditioning skid built by Unison Solutions is reliable. And, additional flexibility on the treatment skid to increase the size of carbon media was helpful.”

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Details on the City of Mountain View’s landfill Maintenance